Pest Control Experts

From annoying but harmless moths to pesky rats and bed bugs, pests in Houston can come in all forms. Regardless of the problem you're facing, The Bug Reaper has an effective and efficient solution that will allow you to take back control of your property. With years of professional pest control under our belt, we know how to get the job done. Call us to learn more or to schedule your pest control service in Houston, Katy, Richmond, Cypress, Sugar Land and other surrounding areas. 

Bed Bugs Elimination

If you've ever experienced the scourge that is bed bugs, then you probably know just how difficult it is to get rid of these pests once they've made your property their home. More common in larger cities, these blood-sucking parasites can be found nearly anywhere that they have easy access to humans. Call us now for bed bug elimination in Houston, Katy, Richmond, Cypress, Sugar Land and the surrounding areas. 

Full Termite Solution

Termites are one of the leading pest control problems in Katy, Houston, Richmond, Sugarland, and Rosenberg. Because they can do a considerable amount of damage to wood in just a short amount of time, termites should be addressed as soon as possible. At The Bug Reaper, we're termite experts and have seen first-hand what can happen when the invaders are allowed to flourish. Give us a call today to schedule your termite removal service in Houston, Richmond, Cypress, Katy, Sugar Land TX, and surrounding areas. 

Rodent Control

When it comes to rodent control, the pros do it best. Our experts will place traps and bait stations to ensure that your rodent problem is completely solved and seal the animal's entry points. Call us today for rodent control in Houston, Richmond, Cypress, Katy, Sugar Land and other nearby areas. 

Wildlife Removal

B2B Pest Control Solutions

If you have unwanted visitors on your property, give us a call. We specialize in wildlife removal and exclusion, to prevent new rodents from gaining access. We use have-a-heart traps to remove the animal wihout harming them, and our team will then relocate the animal to a new home. From raccoons to snakes, our team is here to help. Contact us for wildlife removal in Houston, Katy, Richmond, Cypress, Sugar Land and other surrounding areas.